Is it true that because my vehicle has a clear coat that it never needs to be waxed?

No! The clear coat is simply a part of the paint process to make the paint hard and glossy. The clear coat IS NOT protectant, and requires regular waxing to provide the oils it needs for protection against the sun and weather elements.

The car dealership sold me a paint sealant and told me that my vehicle never needs to be waxed. Is this true?

No! They state that it never needs to be waxed, because instead of waxing the contract requires regular intervals of reapplying the sealant. There are a few minor differences between sealants & waxes, yet in either case regular application is required.

Why do my carpets and floormats look dirty again soon after they are shampooed?

This is a term called “Wicking: and happens when the carpets and floor mats are not cleaned correctly.  Usually, a high PH shampoo residue is left behind, and as the fibers dry any trapped dirt will rise to the top.  Vehicle Appearance Pros correctly cleans your floormats and carpets with foam followed by an acidic rinse to neutralize any remaining residue.

How Long Will The Detail Take?

Depending on size and conditions, 2-3.5 hours with one person and 1-2.5 hours with two people.

What Is The Difference Between Vehicle Appearance Pros And Other Auto Detailers That Claim To Do A Complete Detail For Only $50 - $100?

Simply put, it is like comparing apples to oranges!  I’m sure you have heard the saying, “You get what you pay for…”  This statement could not be truer when comparing the service Vehicle Appearance provides compared to the low priced operators.

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